The Holy Family Church Mudichur, Chennai - 48

God as Community

My dear Brothers and sisters

“Grace to you and peace, from God our creator and redeemer, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Our gospel text in John presents a much more complex picture of God. At least, it seems complex because Jesus is explaining to us how God is not one individual person, not one person, but three persons. So sometimes we Christians have a difficult time explaining to others the concept of God as we understand God. I have come to think that it is easiest to just say that God is not an individual person, God is acommunity of persons. God is one community, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

When we move into social relationships things become even more complex. Jesus tells us that the relations of his father and himself are transmitted to human beings through “the word”. This is a very important clue to how all this works. Human beings relate to one another through language, words, and it is through the word that God has communicated God’s Trinitarian reality to us human beings. The word is known in the flesh as Jesus Christ himself, present to the first disciples in person, and present to the disciples following them through the word. That’s why you and I are here today, listening to the word of God. Jesus prays in the text that all may be one in the Community of God. Jesus prays that we today may be one with God, one with one another, one with the earliest disciples, one with all the disciples through the history of the church.

To realize the experience of the most holy trinity in reality amongst us it takes prime relevance that all of us are expected to partake in the true life of the God’s Trinitarian community. Thus we the members of this Holy family parish live the life of Unity in the community of God.

Prayerful greetings to you

With blessings

Rev. Fr. J. Michael Alexander
Parish Priest.